A Virtual Event Place for All Your Needs

In virtual worlds, companies can create unique stages or expo halls for innovative online gatherings, enhancing engagement and driving revenue.


Full Power Presentations

Equip your teams with tools for immersive, interactive presentations.

  • Present slides, PDFs, and documents
  • Share screens or webcams
  • Use interactive whiteboards and sticky notes
  • Showcase any web browser-based software

All the features your employees need to thrive.

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Customizable Campus

Customize 3D environments to mirror your company culture and branding. Easily personalize offices and modify design features to suit your needs.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Your security and privacy with no conversation recordings and regular security and compliance testing to ensure enterprise-grade protection.


Robust architecture supports tens of thousands of users simultaneously, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted virtual experiences as your organization grows.

Spatialized Voice

Experience realistic conversations with spatialized voice technology, where speech volume changes based on your proximity, enabling multiple discussions in one area.

Familiar Tools

Showcase ideas and solve problems collaboratively in using familiar tools like slides, websites, screen-sharing, laser pointers, sticky notes, and more.

Breakout Groups

breakout sessions feature private volume areas, enabling distraction-free group discussions and focused collaboration in any space.

Social and Fun Virtual Event Experiences

Make events social and fun. Design exciting environments, meet new people, dance, or high five. Virtual venues offer countless ways to create memorable experiences.


Authentic Avatar Expression

Attendees love expressing themselves with diverse avatar customization options, natural movements, and authentic personalization features.