Mobile Website vs Mobile Application

World is moving from Desktops to Mobile now. Everything is ‘App’timized. According to researches, there are more people who own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. Estimated about 4 billion people with mobile phones, there should not be any doubts that mobiles will not be a part of marketing strategy channels. Moreover, switching on laptop or desktop or tablet is longer than to instantly click on mobile and view. Maybe this is the main reason for many users to prefer mobile versions than to be on desktops.

Well, coming to mobiles, who wins? Is it mobile website or mobile application? Let’s check the pros and cons of both here.

* Pros and Cons of Mobile Websites:

Pros :

-> It doesn’t take memory of the devices.
-> Easy accessibility. Can be operated on any browser and on any OS.
-> No initial setup required for mobile applications.
->Better extension of your business brand for mobile audience
-> Inexpensive and under budget package. Need not build any separate mobile website if the website is built with WordPress or Joomla(automatically makes it mobile friendly).


-> Responsive issues if the website is not designed properly, which leads to poor usability, weak performance and vague look.
-> No push notification via websites (if its eCommerce website, this feature is extremely important)
-> Can’t be opened offline.

* Pros and Cons of Mobile Applications:

Pros :

-> Push notifications available
-> Can be accessed via online and offline too .
-> Better performance and faster browsing
->More user friendly
-> Stay in touch with users even when they are offline.

Cons: :

-> Expensive in building. Moreover separate mobile apps have to be built for separate OS. (iOS and Android etc)
-> There is an added set-up required for submitting the application to the app store.
-> App can be uninstalled anytime if user feels to do it.

Though the comparison between mobile website and mobile application is never ending, we tried to explain more about the pros and cons of both rather forcing the world to choose one.

We at Ficuslot innovation know that mobile websites and applications are not there to conquer each other. But we think both these solutions should work together to address your business needs. We create exceptional responsive and user friendly websites and amazing mobile applications at affordable prices. Get in touch with us to know more.