Linkedin Guide for Lead Generation

The moment someone says Social Media the immediate thing which comes to your mind is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. But Linkedin coming on your first choice is very rare. We’re fairly being under utilizing Linkedin in terms of generating the business leads from it. Let’s see how Linkedin can generate you leads and business out of it.

Linkedin is traditionally described as resume place where you give the professional profile of yourself. It can be a great channel to build connections and relation in terms of business opportunities too. Millions of opportunities globally are waiting there in Linkedin for you to grab them. Lets see few tips for Linkedin Lead Generation.

* Personal Branding:

Linkedin channel is a great place to promote your brand. Create a detailed profile of yourself and showcase your brand with Images, Content, Videos, Presentations, Webinars etc. Add, Engage with your target market as well as people belonging to the same industry as you target for. Get involved in niche groups and be active there for more leads. However try not to make your profile as a sales pitch but keep enough engagement with your audience as a showcase of your loyalty. Request your connections to write testimonials in the form of recommendations such that they can be as a badge to your profile

* Maintain Complete Profile:

Before you go for fishing of the leads, make sure that you have complete,detailed, eye-catchy profile for others to accept your connection request. Keep it simple, straight, real and effective. If you wish the audience to land on your website give necessary call to action statement lines and divert the traffic from linkedin to your website.

* Engagement:

Linkedin network is one of the best but not so prominently used tool on Linkedin. Through this, people can seek advice on industry related issues and you can answer as an industry insider. Describe and establish yourself as a thought leader by answering questions related to your industry frequently on the groups. If you have posts/content which you think can provide you additional information on anything, go ahead and give appropriate call-to-action while linking it to the answers.

* Direct Ads:

Linkedin has an advertising program which can be used to drive new prospects to your landing pages. It works the same as Google’s paid ads. Write a headline, include some content and then create a destination link. You can bid online on how much you will pay Linkedin when someone clicks on your ad.

* Everyday Plan:

You can use Linkedin platform to stay updated with the potential customer world of yours. Provide content that keeps your targeted audience always interested in you. Calendars can help you manage your Linkedin publishing schedule, so it’s better to maintain an editorial calendar.