Result Oriented Email Marketing

Ficuslot Innovation is the best email marketing company in Kengeri that entails targeted messages delivered to many recipients via email. We have come up with some email marketing solutions that are ideally customized for handling bulk email marketing. With the help of these solutions, businesses can connect with people from various organizations, starting from micro to big corporate houses within a small timeframe from your personal computer. You will receive an immediate response or a requirement with straight outlook via bulk email marketing. Our email delivery operations are carried-out via excellent SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers and site solutions.

Not only do we have the capacity to deliver thousands of bulk emails, but also in the adjacent places and promote your enterprise quite promptly. As the best email marketing company in Kengeri, our email campaigns can be used for the objective of publicizing your trademark or obtaining replies. E-mail is the fastest and most cost-efficient technique for interacting with prospective and present clients.

Email marketing tools used by us and their features:

The email marketing tools used by us are comprehensive and tailored for bulk email handling facilities which are capable of being scaled. We provide all-embracing tools that can be used to schedule, target, and execute large-scale email marketing programs.

If you want to be in touch with your potential and present clients in a cost-efficient manner, then there is nothing better than email marketing. For most enterprises, the principal goal of email marketing is to generate visibility and brand familiarity. In addition, email marketing has other advantages, including getting new clients and retaining existing clients.

We are the best Email marketing company in Kengeri, our methods provide a wonderful opportunity to communicate with potential customers and existing clients with a variety of helpful and workable data. Ficuslot Innovation can take care of campaigns from the beginning to the end: planning, copywriting, template blueprint, landing page blueprint, optimization of conversion, HTML coding, syndication, handling lists, monitoring, coverage, and evaluating. We provide professional email advisory, as well as innovative design services.

Packages and flexibility of our services

The flexibility of execution is one of our unique aspects. The solutions that we offer have been tailored taking into consideration the various determinants and situations that the customers bring with them. Therefore, we try to create a blend that comes with all the attributes pre-available in various forms that fit your requirements. The different types of packages normally come with the following features:


The deployment of the bulk email marketing service is performed based on different methods including custom on-site (office premise/internal), cloud-oriented (online), as well as onsite with online (office premise/internal) deployment.


The pricing is determined based on a one-time fee, pay-per-usage, or introductory establishment cost along with pay-per-usage.


Different types of installation methods are used, for example, customized email solution installation, pre-installed solution with the ready-to-use account, and email installation solution.


Our services are not limited to email marketing, social media campaigns, bulk e-mails, bulk email servers, email marketing software, HTML email, online email campaigns, mailing groups, bulk mailing prerequisites, and newsletter templates.

Data Management

We managed data security through different time-tested methods. When you are thinking about choosing a bulk email service provider, Ficuslot innovation is here for you. We are licensed by DMA & ISO which substantiates that they are reliable.

As the best email marketing company in Kengeri, we ensure in bringing effective results to promote your business with our services of Digital Marketing and bulk email marketing.

Benefits you get from choosing us:

Given below are the salient benefits that one can get by availing of the services offered by us.

  • Promotion of your products or services via bulk email.
  • Reasonably priced marketing choices.
  • Minimal time requirement.
  • In-house marketing organization.
  • Promotion of trade name.
  • No necessity of employing marketing professionals.
  • Identifying your targeted customers.
  • Receiving responses within 24 hours.
  • Budget efficient in comparison to other marketing services.
  • As the best email marketing company in Kengeri, we allow you to deliver bulk electronic direct mail to a huge database via the mailer of your choice.

    Best email marketing company in Kengeri

    Best email marketing company in Kengeri

    Best email marketing company in Kengeri

    Best email marketing company in Kengeri